About me.

I walked on as a Volleyball player, here at George Fox University. Volleyball is my number on passion besides my faith, I grew up watching my Fathers love for the game, and developed the same love for the game at a young age. When I turned 9 years old I played for a local club volleyball team with 12 year olds, my love for the game has only grew stronger sense the age of 9. Now I’m not only committed to the game its self but every individual on the George Fox team, girls that I have coached this past year and continue to coach, and my family and friends that have supported me all the years at long tournament days. Volleyball is so much bigger then myself it’s a community of girls on my current team, girls I have coached and the people who have supported me along the way, the relationships I have made through this one aspect in my life is outstanding. The support of others is what drives me to get better and the encouragement that I need when practices and games are difficult.